Financing FAQs

Financing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Financing

Q. How do I purchase a vehicle from U.S. Auto Sales?
A. Pre-qualification for vehicle financing can be obtained online at If you receive a pre-qualification prior to visiting a dealership, it could shave some time off of the sales process. If you do not, it may take a little longer but we can still help you find your perfect ride!

Locate the dealership closest to you at

Q. How does financing work and what are my payment frequency options?
A. All retail installment sales contracts are "simple interest" contracts. This means interest charges accrue daily ("per diem"), beginning on the first day of your contract. Your payment frequency is determined by how often you are paid by your employer; meaning, if you're paid every two weeks, U.S. Auto will match that payment frequency for worry-free payments.

Q. How much of a payment will go towards the principal balance and how much towards interest?
A. Payments will be first be applied to accrued interest charges, then to principal balance, and then to any other amount due under your contract. The oldest due payment will be applied first, if more than one payment is due.

Q. If I pay more than my payment amount, how will the overage amount be applied?
A. In general, any additional amount paid over the minimum payment balance is applied to future payments. For example, if $200 is the payment due amount and $600 is paid, $200 will be applied to the payment due and 2 additional payments will be made. This scenario is called: "paid ahead". In this scenario, you would be 2 payments 'paid ahead'. However, we will apply the overage to principal upon request.

Q. If I'm paid ahead, can I skip the next month's payment?
A. Yes, technically, however, we encourage customers that are not set up on automatic payments to always review the billing statement. The statement will provide direction on what needs to be paid. If there are any payment questions, they can be addressed before the billing date.

Q. Can I refinance my contract with US Auto to reduce my payments and/or interest rate?
A. U.S. Auto does not offer refinancing. However, you may seek outside financing from another lender without a payoff penalty.

Q. I'm a co-buyer on the account; can I have access to my account online?
A. Yes, both a primary applicant and a co-buyer will have the ability to establish their own individual access to the PortalPay account. However, the buyer and co-buyer cannot have the same e-mail address. In order to get this established, give us a call at 844-479-1508 (Press Option 2, then Option 2) to register the e-mail addresses.

Q. Where do I send proof of insurance if CPI is placed on my account?
A. A copy the insurance declaration page can be e-mailed to:

Q. How do I use my emergency code?
A. For a PassTime Plus or GPS device, enter 999999 on the PassTime remote that was provided during the sales process. If the Device is a TRAX4, the PassTime Override application (app) should be used to send a code. The app can be found on the Android Marketplace or Apple App Store. Once downloaded, your mobile device can be used to scan your vehicle's V.I.N to get the process started.

Review your original sales contract brochure to determine the type of device installed in your vehicle or give us a call at 844-479-1508 (Press Option 2, then Option 2).

Q. How do I make a phone payment?
A. You'll need the phone number associated with the account, the 5-digit billing zip code, and the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Q. How do I view my statements online?
A. You can easily access your Statements by signing in to your PortalPay account at the following link: have not registered for the service, call 844-479-1508 (Press Option 2, then Option 2) to register the e-mail addresses and we'll get you started.

Q. I just registered my PortalPay finance account online. Will I still receive my statement in the mail?
A. Yes, a mailed statement will be received unless you've selected to "opt-out".

Q. I have moved or have a new phone number, how do I update my contact information?
A. Please call our Servicing Center at 844-479-1508 (Press Option 2, then Option 2) to update any of your contact information: e-mail address, phone number(s) and/or mailing addresses.

Q. My car was in an accident and is now a total loss. Can I keep the vehicle and have it repaired anyway?
A. Call us at 844-479-1508 (Press Option 2, then Option 4) to discuss your situation.

Q. Is there a maximum insurance deductible I am allowed to have on my policy?
A. Yes, the maximum deductibles allowed are $500 for Collision and $500 for Comprehensive.

Q. Which credit bureaus does U.S. Auto Sales report account information?
A. U.S. Auto reports to all three national consumer reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Contact information for all three is as follows:

P.O. Box 390
Springfield, PA 19064-0390

P.O. Box 949
Allen, TX 75013-0949

P.O. Box 740214
Atlanta, GA 30374-0241

Q. How do I dispute information U.S. Auto Finance has reported to a consumer reporting agency?
A. Please send a written account of your dispute to: