Close up of a speedometer inside a vehicle

Why Driving Below the Speed Limit is Dangerous

What are the Risks of Driving Too Slowly?

Many accidents are caused by drivers going too fast for the posted speed limit. While you should never speed, you also should never drive below the speed limit. In fact, driving under the speed limit is just as dangerous as speeding. Why is that? Here are a couple reasons why.

Short Reaction Time

Like how speeders have a short reaction time when approaching a car too quickly, other drivers will also have a short reaction time as they approach someone driving too slowly. This increases the risk of the other driver rear-ending the slow driver. In severe cases, this could even lead to a chain-reaction of multiple drivers behind the slow driver having to slam their brakes as a result, creating a very dangerous situation for everyone. Driving around corners and on hills can hinder that reaction time even further.

Slowing of Traffic and Risk of Road Rage

Speed limit sign with a "slow for children" sign below it

Drivers that notice a slow driver ahead of them in time will slow accordingly. Unfortunately, it means that everyone behind them must also slow down. If it’s difficult to get around the slow driver, such as driving on a one-lane street, the patience of other drivers may dwindle, possibly leading to dangerous road rage incidents.

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Overall, you should always stick to the posted speed limit and avoiding driving over or under it. If you cannot drive at the speed limit due to mechanical issues with your vehicle, you should pull over, turn your hazard lights on, and call for help.

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