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What is vehicle layaway and how does it benefit you?

Can you put a vehicle on hold to purchase later? 

What is vehicle layaway? It is the ability to put a vehicle on hold while you meet your down payment requirements. How does it benefit you? It helps save you time in searching for a vehicle. Keep reading to learn more about layaway at U.S. Auto Sales, your dealership with locations across the Southeast. 

How does vehicle layaway work? 

Here are the steps you can take to use vehicle layaway.  

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  1. Get pre-qualified  
  2. Find a vehicle at U.S. Auto Sales 
  3. Make a reservation with your first layaway payment 
  4. Make scheduled payments until the layaway amount is completed 
  5. Get your car 

What documents do I need for vehicle layaway? 

Here is what you’ll need to submit or bring in for vehicle layaway. 

  1. A valid driver’s license  
  2. Proof of residence (two current utility bills from within 30 days) 
  3. Proof of income (two most recent pay stubs) 
  4. Contact information for references (six contacts who do not live with you)