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What is the Five and Drive Program at U.S. Auto Sales?

Benefits of Buying a Car at U.S. Auto Sales

At U.S. Auto Sales, we want everyone who buys from us to feel confident in their purchase. That’s why we offer five unique benefits to our customers with our Five and Drive Program. Discover what perks you can enjoy by choosing to buy your next vehicle from us below!

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90 Minutes or $300 Discount

Your time is valuable. To help ensure that paperwork is being completed swiftly, we stand behind our 90 Minutes or $300 Discount guarantee. Basically, we will complete the paperwork within 90 minutes. If it takes longer, you will receive a $300 discount on your vehicle. The 90-minute timer starts after you get approved for a selected vehicle. The customer must also have required underwriting documents, down payment, and liability insurance to qualify for this benefit.

Five-Day/300-Mile Exchange Guarantee

What if you purchase your vehicle and you realize that it’s not the right match for you? Every vehicle sold will include the five-day/300-mile exchange guarantee. This means that if you wish to exchange your vehicle for another of equal or lesser value, you can! The only requirements are that the vehicle cannot be damaged, and the exchange must occur within 5 days or 300 miles from the time of purchase, whichever comes first. If the fifth day lands on a Sunday, you will have until the Monday to make your exchange. All exchanges are final and must occur during our business hours. One exchanged will be allowed per purchase.

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Complimentary Ride

Are you pre-qualified for a vehicle but don’t have a ride to one of our stores? Don’t worry! We offer one complimentary ride for a customer and one guest within a 30-mile radius. Pick-up times must be arranged ahead of time with U.S. Auto Sales staff. If our staff is unavailable, a rideshare provider may be used.

Free Transfers Within 100 Miles for Qualified Buyers and Vehicles

Do you see a vehicle you like at a different U.S. Auto Sales location? For qualified buyers and vehicles, we offer free vehicle transfers within 100 miles! One vehicle transfer is allowed per customer and the vehicle will be transferred within five days. To qualify for this benefit, the customer must be approved for the vehicle and have the required down payment. Vehicles below $12,300 in value do not qualify.

30-Day/1,000-Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty

Last but not least, vehicles sold by us will include a 30-day/1,000-mile limited powertrain warranty for free. A CARFAX report will also be included so you know the vehicle’s history.

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