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What is Considered Good Mileage for a Pre-Owned Car?

How to Tell If a Car has Low or High Mileage

There are many things to consider when shopping for a used vehicle. From its brand and body style to its performance and features, the list of things to consider can seem endless. The mileage on the vehicle is also important to consider as it can reflect the vehicle’s reliability. So, what is considered good mileage for a pre-owned car? How many miles is too much? At U.S. Auto Sales, we will help you determine the amount of mileage you should consider in a pre-owned vehicle.

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What is the Average Mileage on a Vehicle?

The average vehicle will add approximately 12,000 miles to its odometer per year. That means that if a vehicle is 5 years old, there’s a good chance that it will have around 60,000 miles on it. For a 10-year-old car, about 120,000 miles is to be expected.

So, how does mileage suggest how the vehicle was used? If the car you are looking at has high mileage for its age, there’s a good chance that particular vehicle was used frequently for highway driving. If the car has low mileage for its age, it was likely used for city driving or wasn’t used often on the highway. Cars with average miles are likely to have been used for a combination of both city and highway driving.

Additionally, it’s important to remember the average lifespan of vehicles. Cars can go as long as 200,000 miles given proper maintenance. While affordable, vehicles that are approaching 200,000 miles are well past their prime and likely won’t be as reliable as many other options.

Consider the Vehicle History

So, which mileage should you try to find? While mileage is very important to consider, it shouldn’t make or break your decision. It’s crucial to also consider the vehicle history. For example, a car that has high mileage but has been properly maintained with regular maintenance could perform better and last longer than a car with low mileage that received irregular vehicle maintenance. After all, you need a vehicle that can remain reliable as long as possible.

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Of course, this is a lot to explore and think about. If you need help finding the right vehicle with great mileage, contact our team at U.S. Auto Sales. One of our experts will be delighted to assist you in your search of a reliable, high-quality, and affordable vehicle. Ready to start shopping? Learn how you can get pre-qualified with us. Also, we encourage you to follow the U.S. Auto Sales blog for more tips on finding the right car for you and your family.