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Are alloy wheels better than steel wheels?

What are the benefits of alloy wheels?

When you are looking for a car, you’ll see that some have fancy alloy wheels, and some, though they may look just as fancy, do not list alloy wheels among their feature set. Why is that? What is the alternative to alloy wheels? What are the benefits of alloy wheels? At U.S. Auto Sales, we will take an in-depth look at all that and more. You can also feel free to use the links below to search through our pre-owned inventory at any one of our dealerships located throughout the southeast. You can also get pre-qualified for a loan at U.S. Auto Sales today!

What is an alloy wheel?

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Created as an alternative to steel wheels, an alloy wheel is a wheel typically made out of an aluminum alloy. Other materials such as nickel and even magnesium have also been employed. Alloy wheels are much lighter than steel wheels and this is important.

Saving weight in your car may seem trivial, especially if we are talking about something small like 100 pounds, but if you save that amount of weight on your wheels, it will make a huge difference. This is because your wheels have to turn, and more weight means your engine will have a harder time getting those wheels going.

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Also, any weight on your wheels is unsprung. This means that a heavier wheel hitting a big bump will carry more momentum and push that momentum through your suspension making for a rougher ride. One drawback to alloy wheels though is that they are more expensive than steel alternatives. This also means scuffing one or damaging one is a more expensive fix.

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Do modern cars still have steel wheels?

Many modern cars, especially the more entry-level options, still have steel wheels, they just hide them behind hub caps, and often those hub caps can be designed to hide the fact that it’s a hub cap at all creating the look of an alloy wheel for a more affordable price.

Should you get steel or alloy wheels on your next car?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Both options have their benefits, and for most, it comes down to comparing the higher cost of alloy wheels and potential replacement wheels down the road to the more affordable but often not as appealing steel wheels.

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