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Ways to Improve Your Vehicle’s Gas Mileage

Tips for Maximizing Fuel Economy in a Car

Are you filling up gas frequently? While purchasing a car with impressive gas mileage ratings will be helpful, there are ways to improve your vehicle’s gas mileage simply by changing the way you drive and properly maintaining your vehicle. Below are a few tips you should consider trying if you want to reduce the amount of gas you purchase every month.

Stick to the Speed Limit

While this seems obvious, sticking to the speed limit will not only help protect you and others on the road. In fact, your wallet will thank you for it as well. Higher speeds means more energy required from your engine, thus increasing the amount of gas being used.

Avoid Riding the Brakes

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If you are the type that tends to keep your left foot on the brake pedal or brake hard, you will want to get out of this habit. Even the slightest press of the brake pedal will make your vehicle slow down, thus requiring more effort and fuel out of your engine to hold you at the speed you want. Braking hard, on the other hand, isn’t good for your brakes nor your gas mileage. Doing so will make your brakes go bad quicker and your vehicle will need to work harder to get back up to speed. Not only that, but braking hard puts you and others in danger as there is little reaction time for both you and any vehicles behind you.

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Turn Off the Engine When Not in Traffic

How many times have you waited for someone and they were late? Have you left your vehicle running during that time? If you aren’t in traffic and are going to be idle for a while, consider turning off the engine. This will help you save fuel that would otherwise be used to keep your car running.

Clean Out Your Car

Got some things stowed away in your trunk or cargo area that you aren’t using? If you got some unnecessary items sitting inside your car, consider cleaning it out. The more weight your vehicle must haul, the more fuel is required.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Sometimes, vehicles lose efficiency because a tire isn’t properly inflated. If you haven’t done so in a while, check the tire pressure in each of your tires and fill up as needed. Doing so can even help your tires last longer.

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