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Tips for Teenagers Shopping for Car Insurance

How to Get the Best Deals on Auto Insurance as a Teen

Earning a driver’s license is an exciting moment for many teenagers. Of course, this also means that it’s time to get insured. Since coverage can seem rather expensive for new drivers, it’s a good idea to explore ways to get the best deals on auto insurance for teens. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for car insurance.

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Maintain Good Grades in School

Did you know that insurance providers reward students for maintaining good grades in school? No matter if your teen is in high school or college, they could receive a discount by reporting their GPA to the insurance company. While the grade requirement may vary, teens should plan on maintaining at least a B average to be considered for a flat-rate or percentage discount on their car insurance.

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Receive Multiple Quotes and Consider an Umbrella Plan

Like shopping for any other valuable item, it’s a good idea to receive multiple quotes from insurance providers. Doing this will give you an idea on which company will provide you with the best rates for the plan you want.

One option to consider is an umbrella plan with a trusted family member. With an umbrella plan, multiple drivers and vehicles are covered under one policy, thus providing discounts on the additional drivers added. Many parents choose to add their teen to their policy as it provides some of the best rates for their child. However, this option will require a serious conversation with your teen beforehand. Make sure your teen knows they are responsible for their own portion of the insurance cost plus any raises in premium caused by them before agreeing to add them to your policy.

Practice Safe Driving

No matter your age, practicing safe driving will not only protect you on the road, but it will also protect the rates you pay to your insurance company. For instance, a driver that has received a few speeding tickets will pay more than a driver with a clean driving history.

Avoiding Luxury, Performance, or New Vehicles

When determining rates for drivers, auto insurance companies look at the kind of vehicle you drive. New, luxury, or performance vehicles are more expensive to repair and are bigger targets of theft and vandalism. As a result, these types of vehicles cost more to insure.

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