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Tips for Remembering Your Child in Your Car

Ways to Keep Children and Pets Safe from Hot Cars

Summer is here, which means that it is now warmer than usual. During this time of year, it’s vital to protect your children and pets from accidentally being left inside a hot car. To help prevent a tragedy, follow these tips.

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Set Reminders

Life can get busy and can create plenty of distractions. Since most kids and pets left behind in a hot car are simply forgotten about, it’s important to set reminders for yourself to check the back seat.

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  • Whether it is your purse, wallet, work bag, or phone, choose one important item to keep in the back row. Of course, keep this item away from your child’s reach but close enough to realize that they are still in the car.
  • Rather than keeping your belongings in the back, keeping a toy up front. Designate one toy to be moved to the front with you while your child is in the back. When the child is no longer in the car seat, move that toy to the car seat.
  • Plan your drive. If you know you will be home in roughly half an hour, set an alarm telling you to check the rear seat in roughly half an hour.
  • Put away all distractions. Just like how you should never be on your phone while driving, keep your phone away until your pets and children are safely out of the vehicle.
  • If any reminders fail, you need a backup plan. If you are dropping your child or pet off with a caregiver or family member, make sure they have your phone number and tell them to call you if you are more than 10 minutes late.

Bring Your Kids with You or Leave Them with a Trusted Adult with the A/C Running

Even if you are only away for two minutes, you should never leave your child or pets unattended in your car. Always bring them with you or leave a trusted adult in the car to watch them. If you have an adult stay with them, leave the car running so the A/C can keep them cool. If you are alone with your kids or pets and cannot bring them in, consider completing your errands through a drive-thru or finding someone that will watch them while you are gone.

Lock Your Car and Keep the Keys Out of Reach

Even if you do everything right in remembering your kids, they may get curious and choose to play in your car. To prevent them accidentally locking themselves in without you knowing, always keep your car locked and your keys out of reach.

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