Two 2021 Toyota Highlander vehicles parked next to each other

Tips for Choosing the Right SUV for your Family

Things to Consider When Selecting Your Next SUV

Do you wish to treat the family to a fun SUV? There are many things to consider when researching and comparing SUV candidates from their performance to their size. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right size SUV.

Seating and Cargo Room

When selecting an SUV, you can narrow down your list a lot simply by deciding how big or small you want your SUV to be. Think about how many passengers you can on transporting at once. For instance, a family of four may find that a two-row SUV is all they need while another family of six will need a three-row SUV. Additionally, consider what you will be transporting in cargo with your SUV. If you frequently transport large and bulky items, consider a mid-size or large SUV. If you plan on bringing smaller items, like groceries and luggage, a small or mid-size SUV may be right for you.

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Front driver angle of a blue 2021 Volkswagen Atlas

Comfort and Convenience Features

Of course, you want the cabin of your SUV to feel welcoming and accommodating to all. Many SUVs offer a diverse selection of high-quality seat fabrics and temperature features like automatic climate control. You should also explore the technologies available in your SUV candidates. For instance, if you have young children, an SUV equipped with an entertainment system would help them stay engaged while on the road.

Performance and Towing Capacity

Finally, the performance and towing capacity of the SUV should be reviewed prior to deciding on your candidate. If you are a casual driver and don’t plan on towing or hauling heavy gear, then you’ll likely be open to smaller or larger SUVs. However, if you enjoy high performance or plan on towing a trailer or boat frequently, you’ll likely find a large SUV to be the best pick for you.

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