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Things to look for when purchasing a used vehicle in South Carolina

Checklist of inspections to make before purchasing a pre-owned car 

What should you look for before purchasing a pre-owned vehicle in South Carolina? It is important to inspect various parts of a vehicle before you make a purchase, to make sure that you won’t have any big replacements to make once you own the car. Here at U.S. Auto Sales, we do the inspecting for you, but we encourage everyone to read on below before buying a used car. We have locations across the Southeast and South Carolina. 

List of car parts to inspect before you make a vehicle purchase 

Honestly, we could tell you just to inspect everything if you can, but we know that the average buyer won’t know what to look for in many cases. However, there are some vehicle parts that are easy to inspect for anyone, and that’s the least you can do. We also recommend looking at a vehicle history report. Here are the car parts that you should take a look at. 

rear ends of cars in a parking lot
  • Tires and wheels: Tires and wheels can be expensive, so when you purchase a used vehicle from an individual seller, it is important to note whether the vehicle needs new tires or wheels. Make sure there are no bald spots (flat spots) on the tires and no dents in the wheels. Deeper treads (crevices) in the tires are generally better. 
  • Lights: Always test drive your vehicle before purchasing, and before you do, try all the lights. Don’t forget turn signal lights. All you’re looking for here is any dead bulbs that need replacing. 
  • Seating: A little tear in vehicle seating can grow. Look for stains and rips, as these will detract from the vehicle’s resale value. 
  • Electronic features and functions: It will only take a moment to double-check if the air-conditioning and radio work, and you can save yourself a headache later if these are functions that you will want to use.  

Why you should look at a vehicle history report before you purchase 

One way to make your inspection easier is to look at a vehicle history report. This way, you’ll see what was recently replaced. Compare the maintenance done recently to the recommended maintenance, which most manufacturers make public knowledge.