Rain-Proof Your Ride

Summer is a great season full of long, bright days and warm breezes. You constantly hear the siren call of a long, aimless drive around the countryside. But with the changing of the seasons comes drastic weather changes: one minute you’re riding with the windows down, and the next you’re stuck in a freak thunderstorm.

It happens! Here’s how you can prepare your car for sudden showers in a quick and easy way:

  1. Protect your paint

It seems counterintuitive, but rainwater famously does not get along with your car’s paint. Instead of letting it erode your car’s awesome exterior, give the body of your car a quick rinse with a hose and keep it out of the rain. (Alternatively, wax is also a great way to keep the integrity of your car’s paint!)

  1. Keep up your tire health

Ultimately, your tires are one of the most overlooked aspects of your car. Let’s fix this! Without the mighty tire, you’re on a road to nowhere. For rainy days in particular, you need to make sure the tread is at its optimal depth so the tire can properly grip the road without sliding.

  1. Ensure your car openings are properly sealed

That little rubber strip between your car and the elements is your best friend. Just by making sure these strips aren’t damaged can save you so much heartache. Who wants to deal with a swamp in their car exterior? (Hint: no one.)

  1. Monitor your wiper fluid and blades

We know, it’s a habit to flick on that windshield wiper as soon as the first raindrop hits your window. That’s what it’s there for, after all! To make sure it can continue doing its great job, you need to ensure that the windshield wipers have the appropriate level and the blades aren’t worn out. Visibility in the rain is imperative for your safety and taking risks in inclement weather should never be an option.

What other hacks do you have for rainy days? With preventative maintenance, you can take even the gloomiest of skies and make it a bright future for you and your car!