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List of Fluids You Should Regularly Check in your Car

6 Essential Fluids You Should Check and Top Off in a Vehicle

Maintaining your car can feel like hard work. However, sometimes your car simply just needs its fluids checked and topped off if needed. To help ensure that your car functions properly, here’s our list of 6 essential fluids you should regularly check in your car.

  • Oil (provides lubricant and heat absorbent benefits for your engine)
  • Coolant (keeps your engine cool)
  • Power Steering (makes steering feel easy)
  • Transmission Fluid (in vehicles with an automatic transmission – cools and lubricates the transmission)
  • Brake Fluid (provides stopping power to your brakes)
  • Windshield Washer Fluid (handy for clearing off bugs and dirt from the windshield)

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Pink coolant being poured into the coolant reservoir