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Is the start of the year a good time to purchase a pre-owned vehicle?

When to purchase a used vehicle in 2022 

Is the start of the year a good time to purchase a pre-owned vehicle? We would say yes, the start of 2022 will be a great time to upgrade your ride. Keep reading below for more information on purchasing a used vehicle in 2022 at U.S. Auto Sales, your dealership in the Southeast. 

Who should buy a car at the beginning of 2022? 

While we provide vehicles for all credit types, there is one type of person in particular who should consider purchasing a car right now. That’s anyone with a trade-in vehicle. Due to supply chain issues, selling prices are high right now, which means it is a great time to trade in your used car and get as much money as possible toward your next purchase. 

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Why is the start of the year a great time to buy a car? 

For many of us, having a car means the difference between using public transportation and driving ourselves. Around the holiday season, public transportation is perhaps at its most packed state, and that’s a great motivator for getting a car of your own. If you’ve been putting off purchasing a new vehicle, while your old one collects dust, make it your New Year’s resolution.  

Hand-in-hand with that, we know that many of you will be making other New Year’s resolutions in the coming weeks. A lot of common resolutions, such as going to the gym more or spending more time with family, mean that you’ll need a reliable vehicle to accomplish your goals in the most convenient way possible.  

Benefits of purchasing a vehicle at U.S. Auto Sales at the start of 2022 

  • We offer vehicle layaway, so you can work toward your down payment over a few weeks. 
  • All credit types are welcomed and able to get pre-qualified for a vehicle. 
  • Our inventory is huge; just look and see!