Muffler on a car

How to Tell if Your Muffler is Damaged

Common Signs of a Bad Muffler in a Car

Located at the rear end of all gasoline vehicles, the muffler plays two important roles: reducing the amount of noise your vehicle makes and sending emissions out of the vehicle. While mufflers can last on average 5 to 7 years, these components will wear out eventually and will require a replacement. Here’s how you can tell if your muffler is damaged.

Muffler on a car

Loud Noises Coming from the Exhaust

One of the most common and obvious signs of a damaged muffler is loud noises coming from the exhaust. Since one of the primary functions of the muffler is to muffle sound, a damaged muffler can allow sound to escape early, making your vehicle sound much louder than normal. While this noise isn’t harmful to the vehicle itself, you could find yourself waking up neighbors or even getting tickets depending on your city’s loud noise ordinances. Basically, it’s best for everyone to get your loud muffler replaced.

Engine is Misfiring

A very serious symptom of a bad muffler is a misfiring engine. While an engine can misfire from any failing component within the exhaust system, the muffler is a common culprit. Not only can an engine misfire damage your engine, but it is unsafe to allow to continue. Get your muffler and exhaust system inspected right away once your engine begins to misfire.

Drop in Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that a well-functioning muffler can contribute to a better fuel economy? If you notice a drop in fuel efficiency and an increase in your stops at the gas station, your muffler might be to blame.

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