How To Reduce The Glare Of The Sun While Driving

You’re driving along, and suddenly you are completely blinded by the sun. The car in front of you is blinded also. They stop suddenly, and you must slam on the brakes.

Another scenario is when you’re sitting at a traffic light blocking the sun with your hand just so you can squint enough to see the light change color.

We all enjoy the sun, but it can be hazardous when driving. Here are some tips to enjoy the beautiful weather without being blinded by the sun.

Clean Your Windshield: Dirt and debris reflect light, making it even more difficult to see. Keeping your windshield clean helps to cut down on the glare caused by intense sunlight. If your windshield is cracked or heavily pitted, you may want to consider replacement for the same reason.

Keep the Dashboard Clean: Remove papers, parking passes, and debris from the dashboard before driving. They can reflect onto the windshield and add to the visibility challenges caused by the sun.

Sun Visors: Make sure your sun visors are properly attached to the car and functional. If you use the visor for storage, make sure you have the proper attachment to hold papers, sunglasses, and whatever else you’re keeping up there in one place. The last thing you need is stuff falling on you while you are already having difficulty seeing. If your visor isn’t long enough or doesn’t come down far enough, there are inexpensive extensions that attach easily. A polarized extension is worth the extra few bucks.

Sunglasses: This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is so easy to forget your shades! Take some time to get a pair that fit you well and are dark enough. Polarized lenses, while more expensive, improve visibility and better protect your eyes in the long haul.

Many vehicles come with sunglasses storage compartment in the dash or above the windshield. It’s generally worth it to keep a dedicated pair in the car if you can, even if they’re a less-expensive backup pair.

Hopefully these tips will help to ensure that the beautiful sunshine doesn’t end up putting a damper on your day, or a dent in your US Auto Sales car.