How To Put A Brake on Common Summer Car Problems

These simple driving tips can save you money every single month.

While the heat is a welcome reprieve from a cold winter, there are downsides to the summer season. You may be enjoying the pool or a cold ice cream cone with friends, but little did you know that the heat is putting your car at risk.

Let’s take a look at the common car problems people experience during otherwise sunny days.

Worn windshield wipers

You know those summer storms that come out of nowhere? They cause you to crank the windshield wipers to the highest setting as you struggle to get a clear view of the road. It’s true that windshield wipers are easy to replace and relatively cheap, so keep an eye on them to ensure they’re operating at the highest capacity.

Fuel evaporation

Heat can do a number on your automobile. The excessive heat of summer can overwork the pressure in your fuel tank. Your gas cap is designed to release that pressure, but sometimes they fail. The key to identifying an evaporation leak is our friend, the “check engine” light. Have your mechanic check the code and find out why – it may be a relatively inexpensive fix.

Overheating and air conditioning

Obviously, we’d all love for A/C units to crack on as soon as you slide into the driver’s seat. But we live in an imperfect world, and it takes time for the A/C to catch up to the heat that builds up while your car is sitting. If your car has one, keep an eye on the temperature gauge. There may also be a warning light that looks like a thermometer. If the temperature on the gauge starts to rise, or you see that warning light, shut off the A/C and pull over. If you absolutely must keep driving to get to safety, do the one thing you don’t want to do – turn on the heat full blast. It will relieve some of the overheating.

Tire trouble

As anyone who has taken a basic science class can tell you, rubber reacts to heat. If your tires are older or worn, you may want to have them replaced before it gets too hot. Also, check your air pressure. Heat increases the air pressure inside your tires, and riding on overinflated tires is just as bad as having them underinflated.

Keep your summer safe and sunny!