How To Pet Proof Your Car

Dogs are man’s best friend, but man’s best friend comes with some unique challenges when you have them in the car. Whether you’re dropping them off at doggie daycare, driving them to the park, or cruisin’ with them on Sunday morning, make sure your US Auto Sales car is operating at the top standard for all the members of your family—even the four-legged ones.

We broke down a few simple problems you risk running into once Gizmo knows it’s time for a ride.

#1: Car surfing

As talented and athletic as your pooch is, make sure that car surfing is one skill they never learn. Having the dog jump back and forth between the front and back seats is not only dangerous for them, it’s dangerous for everyone else in the car as well. Thankfully, there are simple ways to solve the surfing problem. You can take removable mesh netting and fasten it over both headrests in the front and passenger’s side seats, or you can buy a “seatbelt” for your pup. Seatbelts are safe and cheap options to keep your pet tethered to the backseat, where they can lay down and enjoy the ride in peace.

#2:  Dealing with the fluff

We know, the groomer is never anyone’s favorite place. But we still have to contend with the remnants of your Husky so someone can’t guess the color of your dog simply by sitting in your car. An easy solution is putting down nylon or canvas covering over the backseat. Due to its easily removable nature, you can store it in your trunk and have it ready whenever you feel the need for a pup adventure on the road. It’ll save you so much time and effort from busting out the cordless Hoover every weekend!

#3: Accidents

No, not the normal kind you think of in a car. We need to prepare for the “accidents” exclusive to pets unaccustomed to travel: i.e. upset stomach, vomit, unintended bathroom breaks, et cetera. This is all about prevention. Before a long trip, make sure you take Spot out for a long walk. Don’t over-indulge him during breakfast. It’s also never a bad idea to take along extra garbage bags, paper towels, and disinfectant that’s safe for the interior of the car.

You don’t have to cruise alone! Just make sure you’re providing a safe ride to every passenger, no matter what their species.