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How to Maximize the Trade-In Value of Your Car

Tips for Getting the Most Money Out of Your Vehicle

Are you thinking about trading in your vehicle for a different one? Not every car will be bought for the same price as there are multiple factors that determines value. Age, make, model, mileage, and condition are a few important ones. While it’s impossible to change the trade-in value based on the year, make, model, or mileage (besides driving it less), drivers can take steps to improve a vehicle’s condition to get the most money out of the trade-in as possible.

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Research Your Current Trade-In Value

Before getting quotes for your vehicle, you should take some time to research your current trade-in value. This will help you get an idea on what to expect and the number you find can be beneficial in negotiating around market value.

Give Your Car a Good Cleaning

Haven’t given your car a car wash in a while? What about vacuuming the interior? Before going to get quotes, give your car a good cleaning inside and out. Cleaning the windows, washing the exterior, vacuuming the seats and floors, deodorizing the cabin, and removing all personal belongings are easy ways to make your vehicle look more presentable.

Make Repairs, To an Extent

Any repairs that you make to your vehicle will help increase its trade-in value. However, some repairs are expensive and may not be worth the money. Determine how much certain repairs will cost and whether you believe you can earn more money back after making that repair. Inexpensive repairs are low-risk and are worth considering. Basically, if it’s more expensive to repair the vehicle than sell it as-is, you’d be better off receiving a bit less when you trade in.

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