Toy car with a toy tree strapped to its roof

How to Drive a Christmas Tree Home with Your Car

Tips for Safely Transporting a Christmas Tree

Looking for a last-minute Christmas tree for the holiday season? If you are ready to get festive, you’re probably looking at purchasing your very own tree. Of course, this requires a safe way to get your tree from the tree farm to your living room. Here are some tips to help you drive your Christmas tree home.

Loading the Tree Inside Your Vehicle

Ideally, you will want to load your tree inside your vehicle as it is the safest and easiest method. If you drive a larger vehicle, such as an SUV or minivan, put down the rear seats and lay out blankets or sheets to prevent the pine needles from scratching your interior before loading your tree.

If you drive a truck, lay a blanket or sheet underneath the tree to avoid scratches in your truck bed. Many truck beds will have hooks available to tie cargo down. Use these to secure your tree and ensure that it will not move before driving.

Tree strapped to the roof of a car

Tying a Tree to the Roof of a Car

If your vehicle is not large enough to hold a tree inside its cabin, you’ll need to tie your tree to the roof of your car. Note that it’s only recommended to tie a tree to the roof if you have a roof rack. With a roof rack, you can more easily secure your tree to prevent it from coming loose. Without a roof rack, tying a tree to the roof could be too dangerous. In this case, talk with an expert at your local tree farm to see what they recommend.

Before tying your tree to the roof rack, lay down a blanket or tarp to help prevent scratching on your vehicle’s paint. Have your tree netted to keep the branches together so you can more easily handle it. When loading the tree, turn the trunk towards the front of your vehicle. Use plenty of rope to secure the tree around the top, middle, and bottom. Give your tree a good tug to ensure that it is secure.

When on the road with your tree, make sure to take the drive carefully. Avoid highways, drive slowly, and stay cautious. Take it easy on your acceleration, braking, and turning the entire way home.

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