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How are Moonroofs Different from Sunroofs?

Differences Between a Sunroof and Moonroof

Shopping around for a vehicle that lets you get fresh air and sunlight into your cabin through the roof? Chances are, you’ve come across vehicles that offer a moonroof while others may offer a sunroof. How are moonroofs different from sunroofs, you may ask? Despite the similarities, these two features are actually quite different.

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Moonroof inside of a car

Sunroof vs Moonroof

The sunroof differs from the moonroof based on how it was made and how it opens. A sunroof is a non-transparent panel at the roof of your vehicle that matches the color of your vehicle’s body. Sunroofs can be tilted open or even fully removed. Depending on the vehicle, sunroofs may retract above or into the roof.

Rather than being made out of metal, the moonroof is made out of glass. Unlike sunroofs, drivers cannot remove the moonroof. Instead, the moonroof can tilt or slide open for air and light, often at the push of a button. Inside the cabin, moonroofs will have an interior panel matching the interior color located below the glass. This panel is handy for blocking light as there is nothing covering the glass above it. With the panel slid open and the moonroof closed, passengers can let in sunlight regardless of the weather. Thanks to the convenience of the moonroof, this feature has grown to become common among modern models.

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