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Fun Things to Do for Fourth of July 2021

Outdoor and Indoor Family Activity Ideas for Independence Day

After being stuck at home for over a year, you may have a larger urge than normal to get outside and enjoy quality time with the family. For Fourth of July 2021, we have several fun activity ideas for you and your family to consider below. Of course, some of the activities below may be around others, so choose the events that you and your family are most comfortable with. Happy Independence Day!

  • Watch a local fireworks show
  • Grill the family’s favorite meal
  • Go swimming or fishing
  • Visit your favorite campgrounds
  • Bake patriotic desserts
  • Create red, white, and blue crafts such as cupcake liner fireworks or a flower pot
  • Attend the local 4th of July parade
  • If you have young children, teach them why the country celebrates Independence Day and help them write a Thank You letter to a soldier

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