Five Ways U.S. Auto Goes the Extra Mile for You

Buying a used car can come with some challenges and stress. It is difficult to know exactly what you are buying and how it’s been maintained. Buying a used car can also be frustrating, taking too much time out of your schedule. Choosing the right dealership that stands behind what they sell is extremely important. US Auto does just that. Here are 5 ways US Auto goes the extra mile so you can feel confident in your purchase.

30 Day/1000 Mile Limited Warranty – We believe in the vehicles we sell. That’s why we include a 30 day/1000 miles limited powertrain warranty with every vehicle. We also provide the CarFax so that you can examine the car’s history before you buy it.

Five Day/300 Mile Exchange –Sometimes you buy a vehicle thinking it is exactly what you want, but then after a couple days of driving it, it just doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s a little tight, or you can’t see out of the mirrors the way you want, no matter how much you adjust them. With other dealerships, once you drive it off the lot there is no turning back. That’s not the case with us. You’ve got 5 days or 300 miles to decide if the car is truly right. If not, you can exchange it for another vehicle that is a better fit. This brings another level of comfort to the used car buying experience.

Free Transfers for Qualified Buyers – Is your dream car at one of the other 25 US Auto locations? Provided that you qualify and have the necessary down payment to purchase the vehicle, we’ll bring the vehicle to the location most convenient to you. This can be a game changer when you have limited time in your schedule.

Your Ride to Drive – Purchasing a vehicle not because you want to but because you have to? Does your car no longer pass inspection or no longer turns over? If that is the case, We’ll pick you up and bring you to your choice of one of our 25 locations within a 30 mile radius once you have completed the online prequalification application. This is another way they go the extra mile to help reduce the stress of buying a new vehicle.

90 minutes or $300 Discount – Have you ever been approved for a vehicle and then spent the rest of the day sitting around the dealership while the paperwork is put together? Or, even worse, been told to come back the next day? At US Auto, we value your time. We guarantee that once you are approved for your selected vehicle, we’ll have the paperwork ready to sign within 90 minutes or we’ll take $300 off the purchase price.

We’ve tried to think of all the stresses that come with buying a used car and done everything we can to reduce that stress and make your car buying experience a positive one.