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Are winter tires only for snow?

Do you need winter tires if you live in the south?

With winter on the horizon, you may be wondering if you should put winter tires on your car. However, what if you are in the south? Do you need winter tires if you live in the south? At U.S. Auto Sales we will look into that question. You can also check out our current used car inventory, get pre-qualified for a car loan or contact our team directly with the links below.

What are winter tires meant for?

Winter tires are not just for a season. They are meant for driving on snow and ice. These tires provide a lot of extra grip to get through very slick conditions. Though we can occasionally get snow in the south, it is by no means a common occurrence. However, that is not the only reason you should skip winter tires.

Is there a maximum operating temperature for winter tires?

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Unlike off-road tires, it is not necessarily the tread pattern that gives winter tires their grip. Instead, it’s the rubber compound. Winter tires use a very soft compound that will flex easily and increase the contact surface allowing the tire to gain purchase on even the slickest of surfaces.

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The reason this compound isn’t used more generally is that their soft nature means that they will wear out fast, and as the temperature increases that wear too will also increase. Most winter tires are not recommended to be used at all at temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s not exactly a typical southern day, even in the winter.

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What tires should you use in winter in the south?

Though you could keep a set of winter tires around for occasional use, that’s largely impractical. Instead, we recommend using all-season tires if you want to be prepared for rain or even the occasional dusting of snow. You can feel free to use all-season tires all year, but if you already have a summer set, it may be a good idea to invest in an all-season set for the inclement weather and the lower temps of winter.

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