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Differences Between SUVs and Minivans

How to Choose Between a Minivan and an SUV

Designed for large and small families, SUVs and minivans are popular choices due to large interiors and capable powertrains. However, an SUV may be more optimal for some families while others may find more benefits out of owning a minivan.  How do you choose between a minivan and an SUV? To help you decide, we have listed some major differences between each that could be useful in your search.

Passenger and Cargo Space

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Planning for a carpool? Treating the family to a vacation? If having enough seats is a priority for you, you will be fine with either an SUV or a minivan as both options can offer three rows of seating.

If you need to pack the vehicle with large furniture items or lots of cargo, you will find that minivans are more spacious, with many offering more cargo capacity than even some full-size SUVs. A big reason why is that minivans tend to be lower to the ground. This helps with loading heavy items as you won’t have to lift as much as with an SUV. Also, this makes it far easier for older passengers to enter or exit a minivan. Not only that, but certain minivans incorporate innovative versatility features. For example, minivans like the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country offer Stow ‘N Go, a feature in which the seats fold into the floor rather than just forward.

Performance and Capability

Both minivans and SUVs are great for hauling and towing. Despite this, SUVs tend to rank higher in performance and capability. Since many SUVs offer powerful V8 engines, these vehicles often provide much more horsepower and torque for the driver to enjoy. Also, many SUVs offer 4-wheel drive and more ground clearance, allowing for more off-road capabilities. Minivans can’t easily travel off-road due to being low to the ground and offering front-wheel drive with some providing all-wheel drive.

Appearance, Comfort, Safety, and Price

If you are looking for a family vehicle that looks appealing, an SUV would provide the appeal you’re looking for. On the inside, both SUVs and minivans provide fantastic comfort and technology features, with each option offering similar amenities. Regarding safety, both options provide similar safety features, bringing this to a close tie. However, it’s important to note that minivans are a bit safer as they are lower to the ground, thus not as susceptible to rollovers. Looking for a family vehicle that is more affordable? Minivans are generally more budget-friendly, with many minivans available at lower prices than full-size SUVs.

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