Driver with their hand on the gear shift inside a car

Differences Between Manual and Automatic Transmissions

Pros and Cons of Driving Automatic and Manual

Searching for a car? You’ve probably come across both automatic and manual transmissions during your search. Before deciding on either option, it’s important to review the differences between manual and automatic transmissions so you pick the one right for you.

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Close up of an automatic transmission gear shift knob

Benefits of an Automatic Transmission

  • Transitions are automatic, smooth, and fast
  • Easy to learn and drive with (both hands stay on wheel)
  • Offered with most modern vehicles, making it easy to find

Disadvantages of an Automatic Transmission

  • More expensive than manual
  • Some car enthusiasts see automatic transmissions as boring (of course, this is subjective)

Close up of a manual transmission gear shift knob

Benefits of a Manual Transmission

  • Puts the driver in full control
  • Cheaper to purchase and repair
  • Provides more engagement for the driver

Disadvantages of a Manual Transmission

  • Much harder to learn
  • Requires a hand off the wheel in order to shift gears
  • Can be tiring if gears must be shifted quickly, like stop and go traffic
  • Driver must be reactive and precise with the gear shifts, especially when driving on hills
  • Many modern vehicles don’t offer manual transmissions, making it a bit harder to find

Overview, new and less experienced drivers should stick with an automatic transmission as it is far easier to learn and manage. Manual transmissions are recommended for experienced drivers that would like to learn a new driving skill and style.

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