Front driver angle of a grey 2020 Mazda3 sedan

Differences Between Coupes, Sedans, and Hatchbacks

Coupes vs Sedans vs Hatchbacks Comparison

Shopping for a car? You’ve likely come across many different options, including a variety of coupes, sedans, and hatchbacks. These vehicles look similar, so how are they different? With our coupes vs sedans vs hatchbacks comparison, we will make deciding between these body styles feel a little easier.

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Passenger angle of a red 2020 Honda Civic Coupe


Coupes are the sportiest of the three body types, making these vehicles very appealing to drivers that want a vehicle that appears stunning and feels thrilling. Due to the coupe’s attractive style, many luxury brands offer coupe options for drivers. Regarding entry, coupes tend to have two doors with one or two rows of seating. If the second row is present, passengers will need to crawl through the front, thus making it difficult or impossible for older passengers to enter. If you are looking to take cargo along, note that coupes tend to offer the least amount of cargo space compared to sedans and hatchbacks.

Passenger angle of a red 2020 Chevrolet Impala


Compared to coupes and hatchbacks, the sedan meets in the middle by offering both style and space. While not as sporty as the coupe, sedans tend to provide four doors and a bit more cargo space. Compared to hatchbacks, sedans are sportier but don’t have quite as much cargo space available. Due to this balance, the sedan is the most popular of the three and is the standard choice made by many drivers.

Driver angle of a white 2020 Volkswagen Golf driving on a road


Hatchbacks are the least visually attractive body type of the three. However, that doesn’t mean that the hatchback isn’t popular. Hatchbacks hold a major advantage over coupes and sedans regarding cargo space. Due to the hatchback’s spacious design at the rear half of the vehicle, hatchbacks can hold much more cargo than a coupe or sedan could. In addition, the cargo area is not separated from the cabin, making accessing belongings much easier. Like sedans, hatchbacks also tend to offer four doors for easy entry and exit.

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In summary, coupes are the sportiest options, hatchbacks are the most spacious options, and sedans meet in the middle. If you need help deciding which body type is right for you, or would like assistance in exploring various models we have available in your selected body style, contact us at U.S. Auto Sales. We’re always happy to help.