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Man next to his car calling for help

What Should I Always Keep Inside My Vehicle?

Car Emergency Kit Item Checklist

Getting stranded on the side of the road is one of the most stressful and frustrating situations that many drivers find themselves in. Since it’s impossible to predict when you will need help with your vehicle, the best thing you can do is properly maintain your vehicle and stay prepared with an emergency kit. What exactly should you always keep inside your vehicle? Here’s our recommended checklist.

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Dog with sunglasses sitting in the driver's seat of a car

Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean with a Dog

How to Minimize Dog Hairs and Odors in Your Vehicle

Many dog parents love bringing their furry companions along wherever they go. Whether you are taking Fido to the vet or bringing your pet along for a car ride, you’ll eventually come across some dog hair and odors left behind in your car. How do you minimize this? Here’s a few tips you should try to help keep your car clean while owning a dog.

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Man pumping gas into his car at a gas station

Ways to Improve Your Vehicle’s Gas Mileage

Tips for Maximizing Fuel Economy in a Car

Are you filling up gas frequently? While purchasing a car with impressive gas mileage ratings will be helpful, there are ways to improve your vehicle’s gas mileage simply by changing the way you drive and properly maintaining your vehicle. Below are a few tips you should consider trying if you want to reduce the amount of gas you purchase every month.

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Cars parked at a gas station

How You Can Save Money Buying Gas

Best Time and Days You Should Visit the Gas Station

For those on a tight budget, or those that wish to save some extra cash every month, getting the best prices on necessities like gas is important. A fact unknown to many drivers is that gas stations often sell gas for cheaper prices at certain times and days of the week. Here are a few things to consider so you can save money buying gas.

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Woman checking her credit score

Can Buying a Car Improve My Credit Score?

How a Car Loan Can Impact Credit

Have you ever wondered if buying a car can improve your credit score? Since cars are quite valuable and are a necessary commodity for the majority of Americans, you will likely think of this question in the near future if you haven’t done so already. Ultimately, the way your credit is impacted is up to you. What does this mean? Keep reading to learn more.

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Toy car on top of stacks of coins with a pen and car keys nearby

What is the 20/4/10 Rule for Buying a Car?

Recommended Budget Rule to Follow for Purchasing a Vehicle

Whether it’s your first car or fifth car, it’s important to always stay within a budget when shopping around for a vehicle. However, it’s not obvious how much you will be able to afford with a certain income. How do you figure that out? With the 20/4/10 rule, budgeting for a car will be easy. Below, we will describe this recommended budget rule in further detail so you have a full understanding of how you can create a budget for your next car purchase.

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