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Get Pre-Qualified for a Used Car in Memphis, TN at U.S. Auto Sales

Financing a Used Car in Memphis, TN 

Shopping for and finding the perfect vehicle for your specific driving needs and budget is now easier than ever. Not only is finding the perfect vehicle easy but paying for it is too thanks to U.S. Auto Sales’ online pre-qualification process. Drivers in Memphis can now take advantage of the online pre-qualification by visiting a U.S. Auto Sales dealership website and clicking on the “Get Financing” button at the top of the screen. Once you’re there, you can then learn more about the benefits of pre-qualification and how the process works. 

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How to Get a Used Car Loan in Georgia with Bad Credit?

Five Tips for Getting a Used Car Loan in Georgia with Bad Credit 

Bad credit can’t stop you from buying a used vehicle, you just have to know where to go to get the car loan you need to purchase the vehicle. At U.S. Auto Sales, we help every driver get behind the wheel of the vehicle they want to drive, no matter what it takes. If you’re looking for a quality used car loan in Georgia and have bad credit, don’t worry! The finance team at U.S. Auto Sales will help you through every step of the process, including getting pre-qualified. You can save time and money when getting pre-qualified at U.S. Auto Sales. We’ll help you calculate your budget so you can confidently shop our incredible inventory of used cars. 

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What does it mean to get pre-qualified for a vehicle purchase?

How to get pre-qualified for your next car online 

What does it mean to get pre-qualified for a vehicle purchase? It means submitting information about yourself to get approval for a car loan and to get an estimate for the maximum amount of money you can borrow. Keep reading for more information about pre-qualification. You can get pre-qualified online with U.S. Auto Sales, your dealership with location across the Southeast. 

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Does a higher credit score mean lower car payments?

How can your credit score affect your car loan payments?

Understanding how a loan works can be complicated. There is a lot of math involved and understanding how the qualification process occurs can be even more complicated. However, what about your credit score? How can your credit score affect your car loan payments? At U.S. Auto Sales we have a lot of experience in this field, and we can answer that question and more. While you are here you can get pre-qualified for a loan, reach out to us, or even check out our inventory by following the links below.

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How Fast Can a Car Loan Raise Your Credit Score?

How Does a Car Loan Improve Your Credit Score? 

Here at U.S. Auto Sales, we cater to car shoppers on a budget and no matter what your credit score might be – we are here to help. Potential customers who struggle with credit may not know that an automotive loan with on-time payments can help raise your credit score and many people want to know – how does a car loan improve your credit score? We are here to answer your automotive questions at U.S. Auto Sales with 35 locations in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. 

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Questions to Ask When Financing for a Loan with Bad Credit

Information to Know When Shopping for a Car Loan with Challenged Credit

Are you searching for a reliable vehicle that fits your budget? Do you have challenged credit? Finding the right auto loan with bad credit can feel tough, but it doesn’t have to be. At the U.S. Auto Sales blog, we will explore a few questions to ask when financing a loan with bad credit.

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How to Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit

Online Pre-Qualification at U.S. Auto Sales

Are you in the market for a reliable vehicle? Do you have struggling credit? No matter your credit score, you should be able to get access to a car you can afford and depend on for work, school, and running errands. However, getting qualified for a car loan can feel daunting if you don’t have excellent credit. Here’s how you can get a car loan with bad credit with our online pre-qualification application at U.S. Auto Sales.

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File Taxes and Buy A Car on the Same Day

Benjamin Franklin is often attributed with coining the phrase “… two things are for certain, death & taxes.”

Many Americans will spend the early months of 2020 preparing for the April 15th tax filing deadline. However, there are plenty of positive benefits to filing your tax returns. Not only are you obeying the lawful requirement of submitting taxes, but you stand a good chance of receiving a hefty tax refund.

It is common during tax season for buyers to purchase a used vehicle with their refund. Did you know you can visit the nearest US Auto Sales location to file taxes using Tax Max services? Tax Max is a third-party company that can help you file your federal and state taxes.  A sales associate can help explain how your tax refund can be used as a down payment on your purchase from U.S. Auto, allowing you to drive away today.*

There are over 25 US Auto Sales dealerships nationwide that have access to over 2000 cars in our inventory. You may be able to knock out your taxes and purchase a car on the same day.

Customers looking to buy a used car should be sure to bring the following documents with them to the dealership:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver’s License (proof of identification)
  • Income Documents (W-2, 1099-C, etc.)
  • Bring documents for all family members, if filing with spouse and/or claiming children
  • Additional documents may be required.

If you need more information, be sure to check out the 2020 Tax Max special. The knowledgeable associates at US Auto Sales are ready to help you buy a car at tax time!

*Up to $6,000 same day tax refund anticipation loan on debit card less Tax Max and loan fees.  Refund paperwork prepared by Tax Max; not U.S. Auto Sales.  U.S. Auto is not an agent, principal, owner, or affiliate of Tax Max.

Top Rated GPS Apps and Standalone Devices for Your Vehicle

You have your US Auto Sales car, and the road beckons. But how do you get where you’re going? Those roadmaps from the local convenience store aren’t going to cut it anymore. Here are the best mapping apps for your phone, and a few standalone devices that don’t require internet access.

Google Maps – Google Maps is an outstanding GPS navigation system compatible with both Android and iPhone. Not only does it give you accurate information on directions, but it will also automatically reroute you based on live traffic, construction, and accidents. The app also gives many local suggestions for food, activities, events, etc. Bonus – if your vehicle supports Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, you can use it right from the touch screen in your vehicle.

Waze – This app is a favorite among the younger generation. It not only navigates, but warns you about police sightings, hazards, and will reroute you based on traffic, construction, and accidents. It also has a feature that will allow you to record your voice or anyone else’s to use as your navigation, and you can even play music through it.

Sygic GPS Navigation – Heading a little farther off the beaten path? Sygic offers reliable off-line maps as well as real time traffic information. Maps are updated multiple times a year at no additional cost. It keeps track of your speed, warns you when you go over the limit, and has many other safety features as well.

MAPS ME – Another off-line navigation app, MAPS ME keeps up to date with any changes to road conditions. You can use this navigation system anytime and it will also bookmark your favorite locations. Another good option for spotty or non-existent internet.

Standalone GPS Devices

Garmin DriveSmart 55 and Traffic – An excellent entry-level device from a well-known GPS navigation company, the DriveSmart55 has a responsive touchscreen and easily mounts to the windshield. Unfortunately, it only covers 49 states. Maps for other regions must be purchased separately. Starting at $149.99.

Atoto A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo – This GPS device stands out from the crowd because it is not only a GPS navigation system but also includes popular music apps and radio features and Bluetooth. It’s a little buggy, though, with reviewers reporting occasional screen freezes and audio loss. Starting at $159.99.

Tom Tom GO 620 6-inch GPS Navigation Device – Tom Tom is known for accuracy and fast signal, but some feel that it not as easy to use as other systems. It has 3-D imaging, voice control and hands-free calling. The downside is that it must be linked to a smart phone to access live traffic data. Starting at $209.99.