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someone filling up their fuel tank close up

Can you use gas that’s lower than 87 octane in your car?

Should you use 85-octane fuel in your car?

You may have seen other octane listings at the pump. You’ve likely always known that there were alternatives with higher octane listings than 87, but what about lower options? Should you use 85-octane fuel in your car as you go about your travels? U.S. Auto Sales has found some insight into that question, and why you should stay away, or at least be wary of 85-octane gas. Of course, if you are looking for a pre-owned ride in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, or the Carolinas, then you should see what we have in store for you with the link below.

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Close Up of Service Engine Soon Dashboard Light and Fuel Gauge

What Do Your Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

How To Understand Dashboard Warning Lights and Indicators 

When you get sick, you get a fever or have a headache – a symptom and a warning sign that something is wrong. Your vehicle will do the same with dashboard warning lights and indicators. A long list of dashboard warning lights can be difficult to interpret if you are a brand-new driver and we are here to help at U.S. Auto Sales. Learn how to understand dashboard warning lights and indicators a little better with this quick guide created by the U.S. Auto Sales team. 

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Black and White Photo of a Flat Tire on a Car

Step-By-Step Instructions to Change a Flat Tire on Your Car, Truck or SUV

How To Change a Flat Tire on Your Car 

Are you a new driver? Have you never had to change a flat tire? A flat tire is stressful enough the way it is and if you have never done it – it can be a difficult situation to be in. We are here to help at U.S. Auto Sales with a quick step-by-step guide on how to change a flat tire on your car. Be prepared when you get behind the wheel with this quick how-to guide and find an affordable used car online at U.S. Auto Sales!

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Woman Giving OK Sign with Mechanic and US Auto Sales Logo

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Car Ready for Fall Driving

Top 5 Tips for Fall Car Care and Maintenance 

Fall has arrived in the United States and that means Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Do you and your family travel a lot around the holidays? We know we do. Make sure your car, truck or SUV is ready for fall adventures with our top 5 tips for fall car care and maintenance here at U.S. Auto Sales. 

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Muffler on a car

How to Tell if Your Muffler is Damaged

Common Signs of a Bad Muffler in a Car

Located at the rear end of all gasoline vehicles, the muffler plays two important roles: reducing the amount of noise your vehicle makes and sending emissions out of the vehicle. While mufflers can last on average 5 to 7 years, these components will wear out eventually and will require a replacement. Here’s how you can tell if your muffler is damaged.

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Mechanic holding an oil filter

How Do Oil Filters Work?

The Science and Purpose Behind Oil Filters Inside Vehicles

If you drive a vehicle that uses oil, you know that oil will get dirty eventually and require a change. However, did you know that your vehicle also has an oil filter to help keep that motor oil cleaner for longer? At U.S. Auto Sales, we will explore how oil filters work and the importance of these small gadgets.

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Air conditioning unit in a car being tested

Signs of a Failing A/C Compressor in a Car

How to Tell if Your Air Conditioning Compressor is Failing

Now that the summer heat has arrived, is your car prepared to keep you and your passengers cool? Sometimes, a component called the A/C compressor can go bad inside of a vehicle, hindering or even stopping the air conditioning’s ability to cool the cabin. Here are a few signs to watch for that signal a failing A/C compressor in a car.

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Mechanic holding wrenches while working on a car

What are the Benefits of a Multi-Point Inspection?

Advantages of Getting a Multi-Point Inspection for Your Car

Like people, vehicles require regular checkups and maintenance. A multi-point inspection is a great way to get your vehicle’s condition checked so you can best take care of it. Wondering if you should get a multi-point inspection for your car? Explore the benefits of a multi-point inspection here at the U.S. Auto Sales blog.

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