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Diagram of Toyota AWD in the Rain

Buy a Used Car or SUV with AWD at U.S. Auto Sales

What Are the Benefits and Advantages of AWD? 

Is it time for you to find a new car, truck or SUV? Are you looking for a more capable option when faced with inclement weather or poor road conditions? A used car or crossover with all-wheel drive at U.S. Auto Sales may be the right fit for you and your family. Drivers interested in an all-wheel drive vehicle want to know – what are the benefits and advantages of AWD? Find out with this quick overview created by U.S. Auto Sales! 

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How Fast Can a Car Loan Raise Your Credit Score?

How Does a Car Loan Improve Your Credit Score? 

Here at U.S. Auto Sales, we cater to car shoppers on a budget and no matter what your credit score might be – we are here to help. Potential customers who struggle with credit may not know that an automotive loan with on-time payments can help raise your credit score and many people want to know – how does a car loan improve your credit score? We are here to answer your automotive questions at U.S. Auto Sales with 35 locations in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. 

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U.S. Auto Sales Features 9 Dealership Locations within 50 Miles of Atlanta

Where To Buy a Used Car in the Atlanta Area 

Are you in the market for an affordable, high-quality used car, truck or SUV? U.S. Auto Sales is here to help with 35 dealership locations in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. Potential car shoppers who live in and around The ATL want to know where to buy a used car in the Atlanta area and U.S. Auto Sales will check all the boxes with nine dealership locations within 50 miles of the city. Find out where to shop for a pre-owned car with this quick guide to U.S. Auto Sales locations and benefits!  

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Tips for Getting a Car Loan with No Credit

How to Shop for an Auto Loan with No Credit History

Are you excited to purchase your first car? Haven’t yet started building a credit background! Don’t worry, you may still be qualified for a car loan! Of course, there are ways you can better your chances of securing a great deal on an auto loan even without credit. Here are a few tips you should consider when shopping for a car loan with no credit.

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What are the Key Differences Between FWD and RWD?

Front-Wheel Drive vs Rear-Wheel Drive Comparison

Have you noticed that different cars offer different powertrains? Front-wheel drive (FWD), all-wheel drive (AWD), four-wheel drive (4×4), and rear-wheel drive (RWD) are all options for shoppers to consider. Here at U.S. Auto Sales, we will detail the differences between FWD and RWD to help you choose which drivetrain may be better for you.

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Questions to Ask When Financing for a Loan with Bad Credit

Information to Know When Shopping for a Car Loan with Challenged Credit

Are you searching for a reliable vehicle that fits your budget? Do you have challenged credit? Finding the right auto loan with bad credit can feel tough, but it doesn’t have to be. At the U.S. Auto Sales blog, we will explore a few questions to ask when financing a loan with bad credit.

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Can You Get a Car Loan After Declaring Bankruptcy?

Tips for Getting an Auto Loan After Going Bankrupt

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult moment for anyone that may experience it. Shopping for a vehicle after bankruptcy can feel even more challenging. While securing an auto loan after going bankrupt is rare, some applicants may still be able to qualify for a car loan. Here are a few tips to increase your odds of getting a car loan after declaring bankruptcy.

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Which Documents are Needed for a Car Loan?

Things to Bring When Buying a Car

Finding your next car is exciting for any driver. Of course, you’re most likely not paying for your vehicle in full that same day. In cases like these, you will need to borrow the cash in the form of a car loan. To qualify for your car loan, you will need several documents to prove who you are, how much you make, and more. Here’s a list of things you should bring when buying a car.

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