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How to buy a car with repossessions on your credit history

Can you buy a car after getting a car repossessed?

Have you had a repossession on your credit history? Do you need a car now? Can you buy a car after getting a car repossessed? This can be tricky, but U.S. Auto Sales can help you explore your options. Of course, if you are shopping for a pre-owned car in the Southeastern United States, we have dozens of locations that can serve you. Check out our current pre-owned inventory by following the appropriate link below or get pre-qualified today!

How long does a repossession stay on your credit report?

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Are you thinking about waiting out that repossession on your credit report? That may be a possibility, but it’s going to take some time. A repossession stays on your credit history for seven years, and that timer begins from the date of your first missed payment that resulted in the repossession.

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You can still build credit while that repossession is on your reports, but it will be harder, take longer, and it may even feel difficult. If you have reason to dispute the repossession, then you should do so as soon as it happens, otherwise, you will have to explore other options that are available to you.

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Do you have car buying options after a repossession?

Most dealerships are not going to spend too much time talking to you once they’ve found out you’ve had a repossession. It’s not really their fault either. A typical dealership finances through banks and credit unions. They make the money decisions, and they are the ones that will actually say no. The dealership may just be trying to save you the trouble of another credit check.

That is not all dealerships though. U.S. Auto Sales does things differently. We can provide pre-qualification without going through a bank or a credit union because we provide a service known as buy here pay here. That means we handle the financing directly. At U.S. Auto Sales, we can get you into a high-quality vehicle even if you’ve had a repossession.

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