Graphic of cars sitting at a drive-in movie theater

Are There Any Drive-In Movie Theaters in Georgia?

5 Popular Drive-In Movie Theaters in GA

You’d think drive-in movie theaters are a thing of the past, but many are still going strong today. Also, with social distancing measures in effect during the pandemic, they are making a huge comeback. If you are searching for a new and safe way to enjoy a movie with the family, here are the five drive-in movie theaters in Georgia you should consider visiting.

Jesup Drive-In Theater

3686 Savannah Hwy, Jesup, GA


Starlight Drive-In Theatre

2000 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA


Tiger Drive In Theatre

2956 Old 441 S, Tiger, GA


Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater

217 Old Hales Road, Trenton, GA


Swan Drive-In Theater

651 Summit St., Blue Ridge, GA


Graphic of cars at drive-in movie theater