Graphic of a happy boy with the text "Back to School Free Supplies"

Back to School Giveaway Event at U.S. Auto Sales

U.S. Auto Sales to Give Away School Supplies to Local Parents

Shopping for your kids to prepare them for the upcoming school year can get expensive. From notebooks and folders to pencils and crayons, the long list of supplies needed each year can add up quickly. Families with young kids in the southeast U.S. region that need help buying school supplies are encouraged to visit us at U.S. Auto Sales for our Back-to-School Giveaway Event! At select U.S. Auto Sales locations, we will be giving away free school supplies to the first 100 visitors while supplies last. The best part? You don’t need to buy anything from us to receive a bag of school supplies! Here’s how you can claim yours.

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Muffler on a car

How to Tell if Your Muffler is Damaged

Common Signs of a Bad Muffler in a Car

Located at the rear end of all gasoline vehicles, the muffler plays two important roles: reducing the amount of noise your vehicle makes and sending emissions out of the vehicle. While mufflers can last on average 5 to 7 years, these components will wear out eventually and will require a replacement. Here’s how you can tell if your muffler is damaged.

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Happy girl playing with a hose during the summer

Fun Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

Exciting Activities to Stay Cool While During Hot Summer Weather

We have a hot summer this year, which means you’ll need some creative ways to keep yourself and your family cool and comfortable throughout the rest of the season. Along with staying hydrated all day and relaxing in the shade whenever possible, there are many fun ways to stay cool this summer. Here are a few things you can consider doing with your kids.

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Stack of coins next to blue toy car

Which Documents are Needed for a Car Loan?

Things to Bring When Buying a Car

Finding your next car is exciting for any driver. Of course, you’re most likely not paying for your vehicle in full that same day. In cases like these, you will need to borrow the cash in the form of a car loan. To qualify for your car loan, you will need several documents to prove who you are, how much you make, and more. Here’s a list of things you should bring when buying a car.

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Close up of a speedometer in a car

What is Considered Good Mileage for a Pre-Owned Car?

How to Tell If a Car has Low or High Mileage

There are many things to consider when shopping for a used vehicle. From its brand and body style to its performance and features, the list of things to consider can seem endless. The mileage on the vehicle is also important to consider as it can reflect the vehicle’s reliability. So, what is considered good mileage for a pre-owned car? How many miles is too much? At U.S. Auto Sales, we will help you determine the amount of mileage you should consider in a pre-owned vehicle.

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