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Fun Things to Do for Fourth of July 2021

Outdoor and Indoor Family Activity Ideas for Independence Day

After being stuck at home for over a year, you may have a larger urge than normal to get outside and enjoy quality time with the family. For Fourth of July 2021, we have several fun activity ideas for you and your family to consider below. Of course, some of the activities below may be around others, so choose the events that you and your family are most comfortable with. Happy Independence Day!

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Person riding a motorcycle

Safety Tips for Driving Near Motorcycles

How to Share the Road with Nearby Motorcyclists Safely

Have you noticed more motorcycles on the roads than usual lately? As motorcycling becomes the choice of transportation for many motorists over the next few months, it’s crucial for drivers to stay alert so everyone can reach their destinations safely. Here are a few safety tips for driving near motorcycles that every driver should be aware of.

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Mechanic holding an oil filter

How Do Oil Filters Work?

The Science and Purpose Behind Oil Filters Inside Vehicles

If you drive a vehicle that uses oil, you know that oil will get dirty eventually and require a change. However, did you know that your vehicle also has an oil filter to help keep that motor oil cleaner for longer? At U.S. Auto Sales, we will explore how oil filters work and the importance of these small gadgets.

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Air conditioning unit in a car being tested

Signs of a Failing A/C Compressor in a Car

How to Tell if Your Air Conditioning Compressor is Failing

Now that the summer heat has arrived, is your car prepared to keep you and your passengers cool? Sometimes, a component called the A/C compressor can go bad inside of a vehicle, hindering or even stopping the air conditioning’s ability to cool the cabin. Here are a few signs to watch for that signal a failing A/C compressor in a car.

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