Tires on a shelf in a shop

What is the Quarter Tire Test?

How to Check if You Need New Tires on Your Car

Over time, the tread on tires will thin due to normal wear caused by gripping the road. Of course, you don’t want your tread to get too low because you will not be able to stop as effectively, making it dangerous to drive. To see if your tires have enough tread for your next adventure, use the quarter tire test to quickly check your tread.

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Close up of corrosion on a car battery

How to Safely Clean Corrosion Off a Car Battery Terminal

What to Do to Clean Corrosion Off a Car Battery

Is your vehicle having a hard time starting up? Are your headlights dim? Chances are, you have a battery problem on your hands. When you open the hood to look at it, check for a flaky white or blue substance on your car battery. This substance, called corrosion, will form on the battery terminals over time due to the chemical structure of the battery. While a little likely won’t do any harm, a lot can block the electric current and cause headaches for drivers. Of course, it’s dangerous to try to clean corrosion without knowing how to safely. If you are uncomfortable with removing the corrosion yourself, visit your local mechanic for help. Otherwise, follow our step by step guide below on how to safely clean corrosion off a car battery terminal.

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